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When are you getting a real job?

It’s been 16 years since my first nonprofit job. And yet I still hear that refrain echoing among my family members. I’m sure you’ve heard it too if you’ve worked the sector for any amount of time. “When is she going to get a real job?” My family is full of teachers,...

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I rescued a raccoon from the compost bin

There’s a line in every nonprofit workers’ job description. A line that send shivers down our spines. A line that makes us wonder: is this really what I went to school for? That line? “Other duties as assigned.” “Other duties as assigned” is a fun catch-all phrase...

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I have mixed feelings about philanthropy

I recently realized that I have conflicting identities. I’m a fundraiser. I’m also a progressive social justice advocate. Until recently, these two identities lived in nice little separate bubbles. I could blissfully spend a morning advocating that governments...

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