Why should you work with a consultant? - Charity Savant

You know how it is. There’s a new project or challenge at your charity, and everyone scrambles to figure out how to address it. No one is an expert at dealing with this issue, so you do some research online, ask some friends, wade through, and hope for the best.

It’s not common for small- to mid-sized nonprofits to think about hiring consultants to help with their big projects or their everyday tasks. But the right consultants can be a valuable resource in any organizations’ toolbox.

But you already know this. The challenge is convincing others that it’s worth the investment.

So here are some easy, swipeable reasons why hiring a consultant can have a real long-term, positive impact on your nonprofit:

  • Consultants bring a range of experience and expertise to your organization, especially if they worked in the trenches at a charity for a while. Because they’ve worked with many nonprofits, they’re likely to have encountered your challenges before, and can draw on their experience to help you.
  • They’re usually on top of trends and regulations. If you’re contracting with a consultant to help with leadership development, they’re likely to know the most recent and relevant human resources trends and requirements.
  • Working with a consultant frees up your staff time. Need to build a fundraising program? If you don’t have staff expertise, this process can take longer. Consultants can help take stuff off your plate. And a good consultant will create easy, turnkey processes for your staff to take over when you’re ready.

Ashleigh Saith

Co-Founder, Charity Savant

Ashleigh Saith is a fundraiser and nonprofit leader with years of experience working in small- and mid-sized nonprofits. She’s passionate about nonprofit marketing and leadership, and found herself with a shocking knack for finance. While out running, Ashleigh thinks about new ways that Charity Campus can help nonprofit staff and volunteers grow, learn, and connect with each other.