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Planning Your Annual Budget


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If you’re using this toolkit, you’ve probably been tasked with creating a budget for your non-profit. Whether your non-profit is creating its very first budget, or you organization has been around for 15 years, a budget is an important component of the financial process, It sets the stage for your overall financial plan.

This toolkit is designed for a non-profit employee or volunteer with a beginner-level understanding of finances, and who has never created a budget before. As with any finance-related toolkit, we’ve made some assumptions and generalizations. We recommend consulting a qualified professional for additional guidance.


  • Types of budgets
  • Why you need an annual operating budget
  • How to create a budget: Step by Step
  • Monitoring your budget
  • Absolute Must-Haves for a smooth budget process
  • Can you afford to splurge?
  • Need help?

Downloadable extras:

  • Budget Worksheet Template
  • Budget Process Critical Path Template
  • Cash Flow Projections Template
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