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Direct Mail Starter Guide


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Have you been tasked with starting a direct mail program for your charity, but have no idea where to start? This toolkit’s for you! Direct marketing is a science and an art, and with a strategic investment and planning, it can become the backbone of a fundraising program.

This toolkit is designed for non-profit employees and volunteers who are new to direct mail fundraising. You might have some beginner experience with marketing, fundraising, or communications.


  • What is direct mail?
  • Acquisition and Cultivation
  • Components of a direct mail appeal
  • Getting started on your first direct mail appeal
  • Tracking your appeal’s performance
  • Advanced direct mail programs
  • Working with consultants

Downloadable extras:

  • Direct Mail Tracking Template
  • Direct Mail Appeal Critical Path Template
  • Creative Brief Sample
  • Fundraising Letter Sample
  • Response Device Sample
  • Outer Envelope Sample
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