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The Karma Careers Course

The best online course to help you transition to a values-based career in the charitable sector.


Learn everything you need to know to find a meaningful nonprofit career that aligns with your values.


Build your customized plan to map out the career transition steps that make sense for you.



Follow along with interactive quizzes, assessments, and worksheets as you complete the course.

How It Works

1. Register

Registering for Karma Careers enrolls you in a 7-week online course that covers everything you need to know to find a rewarding career in the charitable sector. Need some extra support? Upgrade your membership to Karma Careers Pro or Premium for one-on-one resume feedback and personalized career coaching. Registration for Winter 2018 is now closed.

2. Start Learning

As soon as the course starts, you can start learning at your own pace. Each week, you’ll receive access to new course content. Karma Careers is available 24/7, with access from desktop and mobile. You’ll learn everything you need to know to find a career in the charitable sector. You’ll also complete specialized quizzes and assessments along the way to test your knowledge and help you find your perfect fit in the charitable sector.

3. Build Your Custom Career Transition Plan

Follow along to complete your Karma Careers workbook. As you complete the course, you’ll be mapping out the next steps to finding a dream nonprofit job. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have a customized job search plan in place.

4. Keep Learning and Growing

As a Karma Careers member, you’ll also get exclusive content delivered to your inbox weekly, including job search tips and nonprofit sector trends. You’ll also gain access to the online Karma Careers community, meaning you can share your career journey with fellow students.

What You’ll Learn


Is the charity sector right for me?


The truth about working in the sector


Types of careers in the charity sector


What hiring managers think


Education: Do you need to go back to school?


Volunteering: Getting experience before you’re hired


How to find jobs in the charity sector


How to adapt your resume to get noticed


Acing the interview


Your first 100 days on the job

Registration is now closed.

Who We Are

Charity Savant is owned and operated by experienced nonprofit professionals, Ashleigh Saith and Sasha Elford. We’ve seen that more and more individuals are looking for values-based careers in the charitable sector, which is why we created Charity Savant. Our goal is to inspire new talent to transition into values-based careers to make our sector stronger. Contact us.