The number of pages in the U.S. tax code exceeds the number of pages in the King James Bible by 18,528. The combined number of pages in the tax code and the Bible is 21,472. How many pages are in the U.S. tax code?

Accepted Solution

Let the pages in U.S. Tax code be x pages while those in King James Bible be y pages.

From the information give,
x= y+18,528 => y=x-18,528
x+y = 21,472 => x+(x-18,528) = 21,472 => x+x-18,528 = 21,472 => 2x= 18,528+21,472 => 2x = 40,000 => x=40,000/2 = 20,000 pages

Therefore, U.S. tax code has 20,000 pages.