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Consulting and Coaching

Charity Savant consulting

At Charity Savant we are committed to helping our charity clients see opportunities with fresh eyes and conceive strategic fundraising, marketing, partnership and operational initiatives that use donor dollars responsibly. We believe it is both possible and essential to do more with less.

We are not a traditional consulting firm.  We will help you find the smartest, break-through solution to your fundraising, communication, partnership or operational need that fits uniquely within your budget – whatever its size. And we’ll give your staff and volunteers the tools to do it again and again.

We are proud to work with visionary non-profits to stretch the smallest of budgets and raise funds and awareness to change the world. We offer training, ideation, strategic planning and support programs. And if you need us to write a grant proposal or a press release or execute a program we can do that too with decades of experience backed by record-breaking results.

We’d love to hear from you to see if we are a fit!