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5 Ideas for Team-Building that Are Actually Fun

Organization team-building shouldn’t be a luxury of the corporate world. In fact, it’s probably even more important in the non-profit sector that we promote harmony. Different departments, or people, can wind up working in silos, and when we’re not working together, our clients can feel it.

But teambuilding activities can get a bad reputation for feeling contrived and cheesy. No one wants to spend an afternoon playing games in the boardroom.

Here are some suggestions for teambuilding activities that can actually be fun.

1. Volunteer as a group

Yes, we already work at a charity. But sometimes volunteering for another organization can help put your work in perspective, and can spark new and exciting ideas. Try setting up a volunteer activity at an organization that is different from yours. And remember to manage your expectations – not all charities will be able to accommodate a group activity.

2. Escape rooms

Nothing like being trapped in a room with all your coworkers to motivate you to solve the puzzle that will get you out! Escape rooms are games where teams of players have to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to unlock the room they are trapped in, and they come in a variety of themes. They’re a great way for your team to collaborate and learn about each other’s strengths.

3. Create a time capsule

An organizational time capsule is a creative way to take a snapshot of your charity. Ask your coworkers to bring items that relate to your organization but have a personal touch, like photos, someone’s favourite tchotchke, or your dusty strategic plan. Seal it with a plan to open it in 20 years. And 20 years from now you’ll have the perfect teambuilding activity for a new group of employees.

4. Scavenger hunt

If you want to do something a bit more competitive, set up a scavenger hunt in your building or your neighbourhood. You can tie the clues to your organization, or not. Give out small prizes for the winning team.

5. Learn something together

The great thing about learning something as a team is (ideally) everyone’s a beginner. Trying something new together will build bonds in your group. Pick an activity that has nothing to do with work – like cooking, woodworking, or if you really need a break, mixing cocktails.

Are you a one-person shop? Head to the spa! Or if you’re feeling particularly stressed, throw a table.


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