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5 Ideas for Blog Content That Will Keep Visitors Coming Back

Your website is a vital communication tool for your organization. Think of it face of your non-profit – your first chance to make a good impression.

It’s easy to create a website and then leave it be. But an unchanging website is like a person with no personality. Yeah, it was nice to meet them that one time, but no one wants to hang out with them again and you’re probably not going to introduce them to your friends.

Keeping the content on your website fresh is an important strategy for driving traffic, and repeat traffic, to your website. And the easiest way to keep your website updated is to add a blog. There’s no need to build your blog on a separate site. Assuming your website is easy to update, you can just create a page with your “latest news” and voila, blog!

But here’s where the writer’s block sets in.

It’s a good idea to think ahead and plan topics a few months in advance. This way you’ll always have content ideas, can easily delegate to a well-written volunteer, and can create blog series.

Here are some ideas you can swipe for blog topics:

1. Myth-busting and frequently-asked questions

Are there commonly held beliefs about your cause that just aren’t true? Do you find yourself being asked the same questions over and over? Turn them into a blog post. These are great awareness raising tools.

2. Tell stories

Tell the story of your program beneficiaries. Their successes are what the public wants to hear about. A great idea is to “follow” a beneficiary through your programs for a certain amount of time. If you run an education program, follow your program participant through intake, classes, and graduation. If you work on conservation projects, tell the story of a tree through the seasons, or a bird as it migrates through the year. Remember to be respectful of your beneficiaries and don’t pressure them into telling their stories.

3. Profile your donors

You can use your blog to profile your donors – your everyday heroes. Pick different kinds of donors to feature – someone who made a legacy donation, a monthly donor, a first-time donor, a long-time donor, a major donor. There are lots of options. Interview the donor and ask them why they give to your organization, then draft a short post and include direct quotes from the donor. This is also a great way to cultivate your donors!

4. News round-up

What better way to show you’re on top of the news and trends than by sharing it on your blog? Plan for a weekly or monthly news round-up, where you simply link to articles on other websites that your visitors might be interested in. You could link to news articles, YouTube videos, relevant TedTalks, infographics, and events.

5. How-to guides

How-to articles can help establish you as a leader and expert in your field while at the same time giving your visitors useful information that they can share with their networks. For example, if you work for an animal shelter, you could write an article on how to trap stray cats in your neighbourhood. If you’re an Extreme Ironer , your article could be about how to get the crispest linens in the highest altitudes.



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