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Connect, learn, and get help with one of the many hats you’re wearing today.

We offer training and tools that help nonprofits put their best foot forward, without breaking the bank. Check out our Toolkits: comprehensive, practical guides on everything from writing job descriptions to finding a fundraising database. Or, need a quick fix? Our free Cheat Sheets are full of ideas that will help you do your job smarter, more effectively, and on a budget!


Did You Know?

89% of Canadians agreed that charity effectiveness plays an important role in their giving decisions.

That means the majority of Canadians are making their giving decisions based on how effective they perceive your charity to be.

What can you do to make sure donors see your nonprofit as effective? Become a Charity Campus member today and get trained.

Our comprehensive how-to guides build charities’ capacities on a wide range of topics, from marketing to fundraising to human resources. Learn more…

Our growing list of free Cheat Sheets: Quick-fix one pagers with easy to digest tips. Learn more…

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Sign up for Charity Campus membership and you’ll get your first Toolkit free, plus a discount on all future Toolkits. You’ll also get access to the Charity Savant Community where you can connect with experts and colleagues to help you grow as a nonprofit professional. And, if you sign up for membership today and, you’ll receive a free Twitter mini-course delivered straight to your inbox.

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Sign up for Charity Campus membership and you’ll receive one free toolkit, exclusive access to the Charity Savant Community, and discounted products.

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Charity Campus Membership Benefits:

When you become a Charity Campus member, you instantly unlock the tools to build your organization’s capacity, including:

  • 1 free Toolkit of your choice
  • Discounted price of $49 for all other Toolkit purchases (reg. $75)
  • Exclusive content from the weekly Charity Campus e-newsletter
  • Invitation to the monthly Knowledge Circle coaching phone call
  • Access to the Charity Campus online community to connect with other members of the sector

Annual membership for you or your organization is just $99/year. Join now.


Who are Charity Campus products appropriate for?

Charity Campus is intended for people who work at charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises, but anyone who’s interested in learning best practices for working in the charitable sector can purchase products or become a member.

Charity Campus membership and individual products are appropriate for any experience level: from entry-level to seasoned pro.

Why should I get Charity Campus membership? Can’t I just purchase Toolkits individually instead?

You can purchase Toolkits individually. But if you plan to purchase 2 or more, then buying membership is actually a better deal! When you purchase a Charity Campus membership, you get one free Toolkit, plus a member discount on any further Toolkit purchases.

Plus, when you become a Charity Campus member, you gain access to other great benefits like exclusive weekly content and monthly Knowledge Circle calls.

Can I share membership with other people in my organization?

We want Charity Savant’s resources to be affordable for you and your organization — regardless of size and budget! So you’re welcome to purchase a membership on behalf of your organization and share the benefits with your colleagues.

However, please note that only one person’s name can be registered to your account.

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