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What is Charity Savant?

Find out who we are and what we do by reading our About Us section.

I’m looking for something a little more personalized. Do you offer consulting or coaching services?

We offer fit-your-budget consulting and coaching services! Read more about our consulting and coaching offerings here.

What’s the difference between Charity Campus and Karma Careers?

Charity Campus resources and products are meant for people who work at charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises. This section of the site offers resources for people currently working in the charitable or social sector, on topics like HR, Fundraising, Finance, etc. But, if you’re not yet working at a charity but interested in learning about best practices, then you can still benefit from Charity Campus resources. Learn more here.

On the other hand, Karma Careers offers e-learning for people interested in working in the charitable sector without any previous experience working at a charity or nonprofit. Karma Careers helps you learn about things like the types of jobs available at charities, how to find charity job opportunities, the benefits of volunteering, etc. Learn more here.

Charity Campus

Who are Charity Campus products appropriate for?

Charity Campus is intended for people who work at charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises, but anyone who’s interested in learning best practices for working in the charitable sector can use a Toolkit. Charity Campus Toolkits and Cheat Sheets are appropriate for any experience level: from entry-level to seasoned pro.

What is a Toolkit?

A Charity Campus Toolkit is a practical resource to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to overcome a common non-profit challenge. You get step-by-step worksheets, as well as downloadable templates that help you execute a project from start-to-finish.

When you download a Toolkit, you receive a link to download a PDF document, along with some supplemental documents that may be in PDF, Word, or Excel format.

You can see our list of Toolkits here.

What is a Cheat Sheet?

Cheat Sheets are free one pagers with easy to digest top-five tips to help you solve almost any problem. Anyone can access our Cheat Sheets, regardless of whether they’ve purchased membership. Check out our list of Cheat Sheets here.

Karma Careers

Who should enroll in Karma Careers?

Karma Careers is perfect for anyone who’s interested in exploring a career in the charitable sector. Whether you’re a new graduate looking for your first full-time job, at a midpoint in your career and looking for a change, or about to retire and interested in getting involved with charities, Karma Careers is designed with you in mind.

And you don’t need to be actively job searching or unemployed to benefit from Karma Careers. The course is designed to help you plan your career transition regardless of where you’re at, even if it’s just the exploration phase. Learn more here.

Are there other benefits to registering for the Karma Careers course?

When you register for Karma Careers, you get lifetime access to the online course. You also receive exclusive weekly content such as job search tips, motivation, and charitable sector trends, delivered straight to your inbox.

I’ve registered. How do I access the course?

Once you register for the Karma Careers course, you should automatically receive an email with a link to access the course. You’ll then need to create an account and log in. Once the course starts, you’ll receive an email each week alerting you that new course content is available.

If you didn’t receive the email or if you’re having issues creating an account, contact us (info@charitysavant.com) and we’ll be glad to help!

Can I complete the course on my mobile device?

Karma Careers is mobile-friendly and can be completed on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Karma Careers lasts 7 weeks – but there’s no time limit for you to complete the course, so you can go at your own pace. Once you register, you have lifetime access to the course.

I lost my course log-in information. What do I do?

Contact us (info@charitysavant.com) and we’ll help.

Suppliers & Resources

How do I get my product or service listed in your Suppliers & Resources directory?

You need to be a supplier providing services to small- to mid-sized charities or nonprofits in order to have a profile on the Charity Savant Suppliers & Resources Directory. If that’s you and you don’t currently have a profile, contact us (info@charitysavant.com) and we can add you to our listings!

Why do I have to create an account to review a supplier?

In order to prevent spam, users need to register for an account in order to leave a review for suppliers. It’s free and quick to create an account. You can review a supplier here.

Does Charity Savant recommend the suppliers and resources listed in the directory?

Being listed in the Supplier & Resources directory does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement. All reviews are generated by users, not Charity Savant, and are screened only for spam and inappropriate or abusive comments.

Charity Confidential

Can anyone submit a blog post to Charity Confidential?

Anyone with a story to tell about working in the charitable sector is welcome to submit a blog to Charity Savant’ blog, Charity Confidential. Please note that blog posts are accepted and published based on Charity Savant’s content schedule, and Charity Savant reserves the right to decline submissions that are inappropriate.

Who writes the blog posts?

All Charity Confidential blog posts are written by people who currently or previously worked in the charitable sector. Their identities are kept anonymous because it’s more fun that way!

How do I know I’ll stay anonymous?

We never publish the identities of blog authors. However, it’s up to you as an author to ensure any details from your story that might identify you or others are removed or changed to keep yourself anonymous.