50 Inexpensive Ways to Take Care of Yourself | Charity Savant Blog

Self-care. We hear it about it all the time in the nonprofit sector. We get warnings about getting burnt out if we don’t prioritize it.

There are countless articles out there on the internet with suggestions on how to practice self care but let’s face it, so many of them cost money. And money is often something nonprofit workers just don’t have.

So how to do take care of yourself when you’re low on funds? The good thing is, self-care doesn’t mean dropping $500 at the spa, or treating yourself to a new pair of jeans. It means prioritizing and making time for your well being, being kind and gentle with yourself, and putting practices in place to maintain your mental health. And there are lots of simple, affordable ways to weave self-care into your everyday practice that cost nearly nothing.

Here are 50 ideas for free or super low-cost self-care practices. What would you add to this list?

  1. Take a bath
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Make time for exercise
  4. Cook and/or eat your favourite meal
  5. Watch a movie
  6. Read a book
  7. Write in a journal
  8. Have a warm beverage
  9. Turn off your phone
  10. Leave work on time
  11. Set and maintain boundaries around work-related communication outside of office hours
  12. Visit with a friend
  13. Hang out with some kids
  14. Make room for play
  15. Keep a gratitude journal
  16. Go to bed early
  17. Sleep in
  18. Take a nap
  19. Dance
  20. Sing
  21. Listen to a podcast (that has nothing to do with your job)
  22. Jump in a lake, ocean, or pool
  23. Multitask less frequently
  24. Get crafty
  25. Ask for what you need
  26. Play with your pet (or visit one!)
  27. Stretch
  28. Garden
  29. Play or listen to music
  30. Watch a comedy show
  31. Wander around a new neighbourhood
  32. Take a road trip
  33. Read some poetry
  34. Say “no”
  35. Cozy up in a blanket with some tea or wine
  36. Smell some relaxing or nostalgic scents
  37. Hydrate
  38. Look at beautiful art
  39. Cancel plans
  40. Watch your favourite childhood TV show or movie
  41. Colour
  42. Let yourself cry
  43. Watch the sunset or sunrise
  44. Run through a sprinkler
  45. Do a puzzle or crossword
  46. Celebrate small successes
  47. Put clean sheets on your bed
  48. Paint or sketch
  49. Make something handmade
  50. Sit in a park and people-watch

Self Care Day is coming up on Monday, July 24. In honour of this special day, we’re sharing self-care tips and resources throughout the month of July.

Ashleigh Saith

Co-Founder, Charity Savant

Ashleigh Saith is a fundraiser and nonprofit leader with years of experience working in small- and mid-sized nonprofits. She’s passionate about nonprofit marketing and leadership, and found herself with a shocking knack for finance. While out running, Ashleigh thinks about new ways that Charity Campus can help nonprofit staff and volunteers grow, learn, and connect with each other.